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Polyurethane-modified epoxy resin for toughening of prepreg


Physical properties:

Yellow highly viscous liquid to semi-solid, easily dispersed in nylon, ABS, epoxy resin, polyester resin, phenol-formaldehyde resin, acrylic resin, etc., soluble in methylbenzene, halogenated hydrocarbon, butanone, ether, butyl acetate, etc.

Product Index:

Model No.



Main component

Polyurethane epoxy resin

Polyurethane epoxy resin


5000-10000cp 80

10000-15000 cp80

Volatile content



Epoxy value

0.27±0.02 mol/100g

0.27±0.02 mol/100g


Epoxy coating or adhesive,curing at normal or medium to high temperature

Epoxy coating or adhesive, curing at normal or medium to high temperature


102D can react at normal or medium temperature with aliphatic amine, alicyclic amine, aromatic amine, etc. and at mid-high temperature with DCD, phenol-formaldehyde resin and anhydrides. It’s mainly applied in the toughening of epoxy resin coatings and adhesives.

102D-1 can be cured by DCD and after curing it forms see-island toughening translucent structure. 102D-1H can be cured by DCD and after curing it forms epoxy resin-polyurethane IPN toughening transparent structure, which increases the adhesive force of adhesive layers and has extraordinary flexibility.

102D-1 and 102D-1H can replace epoxy resin modified from carboxyl-terminated nitrile rubber, which highly reduces the costs of epoxy adhesives. The products have excellent  hydrothermal ageing resistance and don’t have the special irritant smell like epoxy resin modified from nitrile rubber.


When the products are used to increase the toughness of epoxy coatings and adhesives, the use amount is 10-20% of epoxy resin.

When the products are used to increase the toughness of prepregs of carbon fiber and glass fiber, the use amount is 15-30% of epoxy resin.

The products can also be used as main resin to make flexible epoxy coating and adhesive.




 Keep in a tightly closed container. Storage life: 12 months under25.


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