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High flexibility epoxy resin



High flexibility epoxy resin

Physical properties:

Yellow to dark viscous liquid, easily soluble in methylbenzene, halogenated hydrocarbon, butanone, butyl acetate, etc.

Product Index:

    Model No.



Main Components

Polyurethane epoxy resin

Polyurethane epoxy resin

Content of PU




2000-4000CP 60℃)

4000-7000CP 60℃)

Epoxy value



Volatile content




Epoxy-aliphatic amine, polyamide, Polyetheramine, dicyandiamideetc., good flexibility and strength

Epoxy resin-amine system,good flexibility and strength


102C-4R,102C-4H has better flexibility. They can react at normal temperature with polyamid, aliphatic amine, polyether amine and at medium to high temperature with dicyandiamide, etc. They are mainly used in structure adhesives.

Epoxy resin-polyurethane interpenetrating polymer network or sea-island structure is formed after curing, which can improve the flexibility of material and enhance the adhesive force of adhesive layer. When the additive amount is 10-30% of epoxy resin and cured at normal temperature with dicyandiamide or polyamide, the shear strength can achieve for more than 25Mpa and it will have good hydrothermal ageing resistance. There’s no need to use other flexibilizer like Thiokol or NBR.

This product can also be made into flexible epoxy adhesive as basic resin, added with diluent and curing agent.


When used as toughener, the additive amount of 102C-4R, 102C-4H is 10-30% of epoxy resin.


Please test the compatibility 102C-4R with curing agent and the phase-splitting condition of adhesive layers after curing. Please be cautious to use if there is bad compatibility or serious phase-split(turbidity) after curing.

Please don’t add solvent containing hydroxyl group to the resin. Seal the container up after use, in order to prevent the vapour from getting in.


2kg/bar., 20kg/bar., 220kg/bar.


Keep it under seal. Storage life: 12 months under 25℃.

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